Nonprofit Event Branding

Graphic Design / Social Media / Environmental Design/ Branding

I provided all creative direction and design for event-wide branding of a one-day event for mental health professionals interested in having some fun and networking while supporting a good cause. The initial design is meant to capture celebrating the mental health field by reflecting on its humble beginnings until the present-day 21st century. The event was to also coincide with the launch of the fundraiser host’s new product website, engaging the newest chapter in the industry.

Due to the current health crisis and shelter in orders, a decision was made to postpone the original event and redirect efforts to a virtual event featuring some of the same speakers and a renewed focus on supporting mental health experts during the COVID-19 pandemic. In less than 3 weeks, I designed new branding, including a logo that expressed hope and collaboration in a social distancing environment, and supporting imagery for social media and the beta online event hosting platform.